What is SOCS?

The acronym SOCS stands for Save Our Constitution Society specifically referring to the United States Constitution.  In Connecticut, the state level chapter is Save Our Constitution State.

This special designation recognizes the unique historical contribution made by Connecticut people, who back in 1638 developed the first written constitution, in which they declared that the foundation of authority is in the free consent of the people“.

What is CTPPC?

The CT Public Policy Coalition is an outreach project of Citizens For Change.  All programs and projects developed and presented by CFC officials or volunteers are delivered solely to inform and educate citizens, media, public officials, and the general public about our country’s founding, as well as current and emerging issues and related public policy.  CTPPC serves as a framework that enables interested citizens, public servants, informal groups, and other organizations – through CFC program presentation and interaction – to gain insight, information, education and perspective on issues of concern to them or the general public.

What is ‘Caucus For Citizens?

The ‘Caucus For Citizens’ Series is a public outreach program developed by Citizens For Change.

Each caucus affords attendees and session leaders to discuss one or more public policy topics of interest.  Attendees can join issue continuity groups to assist with research and solution development, event operations, issue forums, etc.

What is CFC?

Citizens For Change is an organization dedicated to the review of current and emerging public policy issues.  CFC volunteers conduct data and detail research; identify prospective alternative approaches; and, develop solutions in order to help inform citizens, public servants, ET AL, who are receptive and committed to making fact-based decisions based on U.S. founding principles.

CFC’s ‘Sign The Declaration!’ Project

During these anniversary days of our nation’s birth, Americans can proclaim their support for the principles in the Declaration of Independence.

Yet, one wonders how present-day Americans would respond to the events 234 years ago.

Would all, or most, step-up and affix their signatures to the Declaration of Independence document?

Now you can: Let Freedom Ring — Again! Click here to affix your signature to this online Declaration of Independence.

Then, spread the word to everyone you know.

Every Citizen is urged to visit www.CFC.us and to Sign the Declaration of Independence.